Paul Harris is a dick…

Rousimar ‘Toquinho’ Palhares, often also referred to as ‘Paul Harris’, has long been one of my favourite fighters to watch due to his ferocity, his intensity and his eagerness to dive on submissions. Especially heel hooks.

Unfortunately, I believe the raging fire that seems to fuel his positive fighting attributes is detriment to his sportsmanship.

When the fighter taps, it signals that he gives up and the fight is over. Granted, the referee doesn’t always see the tap so it’s sensible to hold the submission until the referee ends the contest. However, cranking a submission harder when a fighter taps and then refusing to let go even when the referee is pulling at your arms to let go makes you a dick. It makes you a bigger dick that you have history in doing this sort of thing and it is not an isolated incident.

Having witnessed Palhares’ latest outing versus Mike Pierce, I am glad that the UFC didn’t award him the submission of the night bonus on grounds of unsportsmanlike behaviour. I would also not be unhappy or surprised if the UFC were to cut him following this latest incident. In my opinion, holding on to a heel hook after a contest has ended is much worse than the punch that Paul Daley threw at Josh Koscheck after the bell that ultimately saw him expelled from the organization. Yes, a punch is bad, but it won’t rip your knee to shreds and cause you to be unable to make a living for 6-8 months.

Take a look at the whole fight below and decide for yourself. (If the gif doesn’t load on this page, click it and it will load on a separate window.)


**UPDATE** Palhares has now been cut from the UFC and has also been banned from ever again competing inside the Organization –

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One Response to Paul Harris is a dick…

  1. AnthonyR says:

    I agree. he was suspended by the UFC before for this crap…

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