Hereford Open Sunday 23rd June 2013

Another really good day the the Hereford Open, a really well run comp with awesome medals!

On a personal note I got to the Bronze final of my category before having to tap due to dislocating my shoulder while driving in on a single leg. Shit that hurts! The Red Cross paramedic guys helped me pop it into place on the mat and have been icing it since – it has now ceased up! Hopefully it won’t keep me off the mat too long 🙂

I also met Seymour Yang (Meerkatsu) today and he is a very cool bloke


All in all another top day at this awesome local competition. Can’t recommend it highly enough if you are thinking of entering. The next event is on Sunday September 15th 2013 and tickets are available here: (White belt Adults and Juveniles only at this comp)

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2 Responses to Hereford Open Sunday 23rd June 2013

  1. Meerkatsu says:

    Great to meet you too and have a chat. hope the arm gets better!

  2. ryanbjj says:

    Cheers dude 🙂

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