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Superman BJJ

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This is the infamous Mr Wayne Samways, a good friend and training partner of mine. Currently a BJJ Purple Belt under Chris Rees. This meme is awesome. Advertisements

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What BJJ means to me…

BJJ turned my life around. I was an overweight lazy bastard who smoked 30 cigarettes a day and was out of breath if I walked the dog. I couldn’t do 5 pushups. I’ve always been an MMA fan since I … Continue reading

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Ridiculously photogenic BJJ Guy

Clark Gracie Apparently this has now blown up outside of the BJJ world and is now all over meme sites. Lol.

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Your belt is just a piece of cloth…

…it it not full of jiu jitsu magic… …it does not contain any knowledge… WASH YOUR GOD DAMN BELTS PEOPLE!! After a jesting conversation with training partners and a few light hearted posts on facebook, a quick google and a … Continue reading

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MR TICKLE BJJ DEAL ALERT! Battle Gear Soldier Gi £40

I own this gi and I find the fit perfect for my tall an slim frame, it’s by far my favourite gi in circulation. The cut is flattering and the arm/leg length has hardly shrunk in tens of washes. Battle … Continue reading

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Today was a good day

I have wrapped up my toe due to turf toe since November. That’s over 4 months of training with a mummified left foot! Today I felt confident that it was healed enough to train without the strapping, and now I’m … Continue reading

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More mats have been delivered… They have been assembled, and placed upon 2.5cm sheet foam and have filled the 12 square meters of available floorspace… Lights have been fitted for after dark… More mats are needed for padding on the … Continue reading

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Some cool BJJ images

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UPDATE! Mr Tickles Matted Garage…

Yay! Got the keys to my garage this morning, so have swept it out and placed some cardboard down. Jon from Pontcanna Dojo was awesome and gave me some foam to use as underlay last night so I placed that … Continue reading

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Gruesome Cauliflower Ear Gallery

I stumbled upon a photo of my cauliflower ear that I had drained last year. It shocked me how big it was as it looks almost normal at the moment. Then: Now: Seeing the photo gave me the urge to … Continue reading

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New Project – DIY Matted Garage (Input Wanted)

As of Saturday I have a garage and am obviously going to put down some permanent Mats. I have cheapo puzzle mats I picked up from ebay a couple of weeks ago. They are great for doing workouts on my … Continue reading

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I subscribed to Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine and received a lovely free gift, a hoodie manufactured by Tatami Fightwear that is of good quality and preferential styling. Brilliant, what more could a BJJ fanboy want? Until… You wear your cherished … Continue reading

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